Quiz Bowl

Below is our quiz bowl practice schedule for the weeks of October  31- November 11.
Because of the tournament this week we will just have one practice this week.
Wednesday, November 2 JAMS library and Mr Link’s room
3:10 – 4:15
The two current A & B competition teams will practice in Mr Link’s room as they prepare for this weekend’s tournament.
Tuesday, November 8 (Election Day) at Panera Bread 
9:00 – 11:00 am
Wednesday, November 9
JAMS library
3:10 – 4:15
If I don’t go out of town, we might have an optional practice on Veteran’s Day weekend.
Parents, please remind your kids no talking or interrupting during team buzzer practices. There are a few quiz bowl students who talk or are otherwise disruptive while the moderator is reading questions. Some of the students also talk between questions. When the students are disruptive, it slows down our practice session. At the last practice session in the library, I wasn’t able to finish even half a question set with my group because of the interruptions. We should be able to finish or nearly finish an entire question set at every practice.
Current competition teams (John, Aboud, George, Adam, Anurag, Patrick, Andrew): I will send out another email with travel details, etc. about this week’s tournament.
Best wishes,
Dawn Combs