January 26, 2017

Dear Parents and Friends of John Adams Middle School:

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is excited to announce the “I LOVE JOHN ADAMS” campaign, which will run from February 1st through February 14th. This two-week fundraising effort has been coordinated to raise $8,000 for projects and programs that will serve every student in the school.

If each parent would donate $10.00 to the campaign, the PTA would meet its goal.

Why does the school need this money? First, PTA members would like to buy an additional 3D printer for the Science department. An additional printer (plus essential items such as project paper and a long-term warranty) would allow more students to use the equipment for fascinating creations that support STEM learning.

Second, the PTA would like to purchase two wireless printers for each grade level (6th, 7th, and 8th) to support the English department’s needs. Currently, a number of time-consuming steps are required to print documents from students’ iPads. Compatible, wireless printers would remedy this problem and allow students to edit their work more effectively.

Third, the PTA would like to underwrite the expenses associated with the JAMS Xtras program. These “backpack survival kits” are filled with self-care items as well as nutritious food, and given to students in need to cover weekends and holiday breaks. Due to the sensitive nature of individual needs (identified by a JAMS counselor and the health nurse), the PTA asks for monetary donations instead of actual products.

Fourth, the PTA would like to provide participating faculty members with gift cards as a gesture of gratitude for their volunteer time during Saturday School and other after-hours tutoring.

Finally, the PTA is once again sponsoring the school’s annual spring Fun Day, which celebrates the successful completion of standardized testing weeks. Last year, the PTA was able to donate $1,500 in raffle prizes. Area businesses generously donated items for Fun Day, but given the population of 800+ students, additional prizes were requested to give students more opportunities to win throughout the day.

If you are an 8th grade parent, please consider a donation as a fond farewell to John Adams Middle School. If you are a 6th or 7th grade parent, or if you have children rising from elementary school, consider your donation as a means of protecting programs and projects that encourage positive classroom experiences.

The PTA welcomes any gift – no amount is too small – by way of checks (made payable to the JAMS PTA) or by credit card through PayPal (found on the school’s PTA page, Checks can be sent to home base teachers or to the office, addressed to the JAMS PTA. Donations are tax deductible. The PTA will recognize your gift, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

We hope you will “share the love” for JAMS this February 1st-14th. We are grateful for your support.

Amy Goodwin
President, JAMS PTA

Katy Brown
Vice-President of Fundraising