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Seventh grade students in Mr. Brown, Mr. Link, and Mrs. Ward’s Developmental Guidance classes wrapped up their Defined STEM  activity by creating some sweet no-bake treats.   Students spent time developing a plan for a new bakery, creating a webpage, building a 3D model, and recording a radio ad.

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Sheets’ classes are engaged in the engineering design process.  They were given a set of materials with the instructions “modify the cup so that it can travel down a zip line a deliver a marble on a target”.  They are currently studying space and reading The Martian.  The lab was designed to simulate NASA delivering provisions to Mars before a mission.

Above, the students are designing a lander to ensure the astronauts (large marshmallows) were not thrown from the lander on impact from the height of 6.5 feet.

Mr. Brown’s Science 7 students