Mrs. Hartney – Nurse

Mrs. Hartney has been a nurse for 32 years and at John Adams since 2010. She is a graduate of WVU with a BSN in nursing, and has a Master’s in Community Health Promotion and Wellness Education. Her hobbies are watching her children’s sports activities. Her favorite movie is Elf. She can be contacted at


Mrs. Norman- Attendance Clerk

Mrs. Rhonda Norman has been the attendance clerk at John Adams Middle School since 2010.  She is responsible for attendance and general information for the school.  Her hobbies are reading, nature, and spending time with her grandchildren.  Her favorite quote is:  “It is what it is.”  She can be contacted at


Mrs. Thalheimer- Counselor (N-Z)

Francine Thalheimer has been counseling for three-and-a-half years at John Adams Middle School. She is a graduate of WVU with a Master’s Degree in counseling and guidance and an additional Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies. Her hobbies are gardening and visiting art museums. Her favorite movie is In Her Shoes. She can be contacted at







Mrs. Toler- Secretary

Mrs. Toler is JA’s secretary.