Deeds of Kindness

Deeds of Kindness is a way to thank students for going above and beyond to help others.  This information is turned into the office from teachers when they catch a student being kind. Students will be announced on Mondays when grade level teachers have provided names for those caught doing a good deed.


Week of Feb. 5th

6th Grade: Molly P. for always helping to clean in the cafeteria.

6th Grade: Delaney J. for always being willing to help assist students in P.E.

7th Grade: Drew A. for turning in a lost phone to the office.

8th Grade: Andrew G. for cleaning all of the boards at the end of the day.

Week of Feb. 12th

6th Grade: Landon D. for picking up a students’ glasses.

7th Grade: Nyziah L. for helping clean a class.

8th Grade: Triston R. for finding money, and turning it into the office.

Week of Feb. 19th

6th Grade: Makayla C. who helped another student with missing work without being asked.

7th Grade: Isaiah T. for carrying books to class for an injured student.

8th Grade: Casey W. help the door for students.

Week of March 12th

6th Grade: Dawson L. for helping students with their Chatterpix projects.

7th Grade: Caitlyn T. who notified a teacher that a student was injured.

8th Grade:  Connor S. who shared his lunch with a teacher who had his blood sugar dropping.