Deeds of Kindness

Deeds of Kindness is a way to thank students for going above and beyond to help others.  This information is turned into the office from teachers when they catch a student being kind. Students will be announced on Mondays when grade level teachers have provided names for those caught doing a good deed.

Week of August 28

7th grade:  Jack W. who helped a student pick up dropped material.

8th grade: Nathan H. who put chairs up on tables without being asked.

Week of Sept. 5th

6th grade: Zoey C. who helped another student.

7th grade: Lorelei W. who helped pick up books.

8th grade: Zoe B. helped pick up dropped books and a violin.

Week of Sept. 11th

6th grade:  Kolton S. helped another student with their binder.

7th grade:  Kaylea C. loaned a pencil to a classmate.

8th grade:  Addison W. picked up books that another student dropped.

Week of Sept. 18th

6th grade:  Lexi G. helped a teacher.

7th grade:  Luke D. helped a student with Math.

8th grade:  Ana J. helped to clean up trash.

Week of Sept. 25th

6th Grade: Abe F. loaned his charger to a student.

7th Grade: Kinley Z. helped put up chairs at the end of class

8th Grade: Samara C. and Jon E. offered to help a student carry a large instrument.

Week of Oct. 2nd

6th grade:  Michelle F. for helping a teacher.

7th grade: Ali L. for helping to put up the chairs.

8th grade:  Ethan N. for picking up books for another student.

Week of Oct. 9th

6th grade: Roman A. for helping a teacher clean up.

7th grade: Todd G. for picking up pencils that a student dropped.

8th grade:  Sophie A. for holding the doors at lunch for everyone.

Week of Oct 16th

6th grade: Lexi G  for helping another student organize her binder.

7th grade: Philip M for helping a student with a broken iPad.

8th grade: Emma W informing the teacher of a spill.