Deeds of Kindness

Deeds of Kindness is a way to thank students for going above and beyond to help others.  This information is turned into the office from teachers when they catch a student being kind. Students will be announced on Mondays when grade level teachers have provided names for those caught doing a good deed.


Week of May 1st

6th Grade- Isaiah T.- sweeping the floor without being asked.

7th Grade- Trey M.- helped by putting desks back into rows.

8th Grade- Christina P.- Picked up another students note cards that had fallen in the mud.

Week of May 8th

6th Grade- Brady S.- Helping with I-Pads

7th Grade- MaKenzie S.- taking another students books to them.

8th Grade- Houda C.- Helped clear up a lab.

Week of May 15th

6th Grade- Sarah S.- Picking up a classroom.

7th Grade- Sophia C.- Sophia C.- helped a student fined a binder.

8th Grade- Mary Lyle S.- Always shows proper behavior.