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KCS Spring 2019 Testing. Windows

January 7-31: Comprehensive Interim Assessments in Reading, Writing, and Math.  These tests are given to monitor student’s progress toward mastery of standards.

January 28-March 8: NAEP.  Thirty select KCS Schools will participate.  John Adams was selected.

April 10-May 29: West Virginia General Summative Assessment. JAMS will be establishing a school-level window within these dates.

April 10-May 29: West Virginia Summative Assessment Alternate Assessment.   JAMS will be establishing a school-level window within these dates.



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The John Adams Middle School Counseling Program will assist students, staff and parents by working together to develop a safe and positive school climate.  The program will also promote student success through the implementation and delivery of the West Virginia Department of Education School Counseling Curriculum.


The mission of the John Adams Middle School Counseling Program is to promote personal, academic, and career success in all students, as well as facilitate lifelong learning and coping skills to be pro-active leaders in our society and responsible citizens in the community and the world.


School counselors are in a position to understand the needs of students and their families and to help plan and coordinate learning experiences to meet those needs. A counselor will provide services to students, parents and teachers to instill a commitment to quality educational opportunities that prepare all students to be 21st century leaders.   The counselor will promote self-awareness and an appreciation for diversity and the importance of respect, integrity, self-discipline, and kindness for their classmates and their community.


The school counselors met with the 8th grade students the week of December 4th to discuss the development of their Personalized Education Plan (PEP) for high school. The PEP guides each student’s course selections based on individual career aspirations and postsecondary plans.  The PEP covers grades 9-12 and the first year beyond graduation from high school.  The PEP is developed for every student in consultation with the students’ parent and/or guardian and the school counselor or advisor.

Development of the PEP is a thoughtful process that includes identifying each student’s aptitude, interests and learning needed through review of past student work, academic assessments results, and interests and learning inventories.  The PEP is used to guide, personalize, and maximize each student’s learning experience ensuring each student has the opportunity to develop academic skills, identify interests, maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses, set and reach academic and personal goals, and realize their career aspirations.

Students learned that the PEP is developed to identify course selections for the 9th grade based on each 8th grade student’s identified career aspirations.  The counselors presented a packet of information that will guide each student with opportunities to discover a career pathway that meets their personality preferences.  Counselors also realize that students mature and change and know that the PEP will see changes throughout high school.  But for now, students will begin the development of the PEP based on their present career interests. The packet of information is located on our school’s website,, for our families to review.

Please check with your 8th grade student to be certain that their completed PEP has been handed in to their Home base teacher before the George Washington High School counselors come to JAMS.


Please click on the link below for the Suicide Prevention letter, permission form, and brochure.

Suicide Prevention Letter to Parents

Parent-Guardian Active Consent-2017 (8)

Brochure for Youth- FINAL PDF