8th Grade


Mrs. Abshire a graduate of WVSU, has six years of teaching experience and has spent the past two at John Adams.  She holds  degrees in Secondary Education and History from WVSU.   She enjoys traveling around West Virginia and spending time with her cats.   The best way to contact Mrs. Abshire is through Schoology.

Make good choices! 


Mrs. Brown


Mrs. Brown teaches 8th grade mathematics.  She has 10 years of experience, seven of which have been at John Adams.  She holds a BA and MA in Secondary Math Education from Kent State Universitiy and Condordia University.  She enjoys quilting, cross stitiching, and reading.  Parents can reach Mrs. Brown through Schoology.


Mr. Brewer teaches 8th grade Science. He has been teaching for eight years and at John Adams Middle School since 2012. He is a graduate of Marshall  and holds a BS in Bible and Pastoral Ministries, and a MAT in General Science 5-12.   His hobbies are camping and time with his family.   He can be contacted at tbrewer@mail.kana.k12.wv.us, through Schoology, or the Remind app.

Love all-like as many as you can.

As for me and my house, we will seve the Lord. 




Mrs. Huffman has three years of teaching experience, and has spent the past two at John Adams.  She hold a Bachelors Degree from King University where she majored in accounting and minored in math.  She enjoys helping out with the Oakwood BAptist Church, baking, exercising, and playing with her dogs, Huff and Tank.  She can be reached through Schoology or email at ohuffman@mail.kana.k12.wv.us

If you think someone can use a friend, be one.





Mr. Mize teaches 8th grade Science. He has been teaching for eight years and has been at John Adams Middle School since 2013. He is a graduate of West Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s in Education, West Virginia University with a degree in Recreation and Parks Management, and Adams State University with a Masters Degree in STEM Education. His hobbies are rock climbing, skiing, backpacking, and playing guitar.  He                                                                  can  best be reached throught Schoology.   Mr. Mize is a                                                              published author of the children’s book Everything Has                                                              Its Place.

Knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think.                                                                                                                       -Neil Degrasse Tyson


Mrs. Nelson has six years of classroom experience and over 20 years of private flute lessons.  She is in her second year at John Adams where she is teaching Learning Skills.  She holds a Bachelors in Music, Flute Performance, a Bachelor’s in Music Education, and a Masters in Flute.  She studied at Ohio State University for her undergraduate work and WVU for her Masters.  She loves quilting, candlemaking, basketweaving, scrapbooking, knitting, embroidery, and woodworking!  She is a regular in the Huntington Symphony Orchestra and occasionally fills in for the West Virginia Symphony.  She and her husband have four children.



Ms. Patterson – English

Ms. Patterson teaches 8th grade English. She has been teaching for 12 years and at John Adams Middle School since 2009. Ms. Patterson is a graduate of Washington & Lee University with a degree in English. She holds a Master’s  in Secondary Education from WVU and an additional Master’s in English from Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English. Ms. Patterson is also a National Board Certified teacher of Early Adolescence English Language Arts. When she isn’t grading papers, Ms. Patterson enjoys playing the flute, running, skiing, hanging out with her cats, and, of course, reading. Her favorite young adult books are the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling which were the focus of her undergraduate honors thesis. Ms. Patterson is the JAMS Student Council sponsor.  She can be contacted via email at ebpatterson@mail.kana.k12.wv.us

Mrs. Thayer teaches 8th grade English .  She is back at John Adams after spending several years at the high school level.  She holds a Bachelors in Journalism from Youngstown State University and a Masters in Teaching (English/Journalism) from Marshall Universitiy.  She enjoys tennis, golf, working out, and spending time with her daughter.  She can be contacted through email at ethayer@mail.kana.k12.wv.us.

Smile!  Everyday is a new start! 


Mrs. White – Learning Skills


Mrs. White  teaches 8th grade English learning skills.  She has been teaching for 22 years and has been at John Adams for 13 of those years.  She is a graduate of Marshall University with a Bachelor’s in English and French for grades 7-12.  Her hobbies are tennis, reading, and playing bridge. She can be contacted at dwhite@mail.kana.k12.wv.us


Try your best! 




Mr. Vandal – West Virginia History

Mr. Vandal has 14 years of teaching experience and has called John Adams home for the past five years.  He has a BA in Social Studies 5-12 from Marshall and MA from WVU in Curriculum and Instruction with Social Studies and English specializations.  He is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher .He enjoys music, sports, and writing.   The best way to reach Mr. Vandal is through Schoology, Facebook Messenger, or bvandal@mail.kana.k12.wv.us