6th Grade Information

Dear Parents and Students,

What a strange thing we saw at the end of our spring break; the unexpected hit and things changed overnight.  As the sixth grade teachers, we want to express thanks and appreciation to all the parents and students who worked hard to complete assignments, who kept in close touch via emails, Schoology, and ZOOM conferences, and who expressed such nice things to us for Teacher Appreciation Day.  We are pleased with the work we saw, and the response from all of you was so positive.  Thank you.

Be looking for your summer reading assignment in updates/report card. Information will be coming soon.

Your summer math assignment is to practice. This is not required but suggested. You may use either of the following links to get started:



You were such a wonderful class. We will cherish so many wonderful memories.

We miss you already!! Have a wonderful summer!

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Imagine Math 

Imagine math is broken into 5 categories: Pre-Quiz, Guided Learning, Problem Solving, Practice, and Post Quiz. Students pass the lessons by either passing (90% or higher) the pre-quiz or the post quiz. Most students will not pass the pre-quiz because they have not been exposed to the material yet. After the pre-quiz, the Guided Learning is where Imagine Math teaches the lesson.  Students need to watch the video and pay close attention to what the program is instructing instead of just clicking “next” when they miss a problem.  Problem solving is usually word problems that use the skill just learned in the Guided Learning section and the “Practice” are additional problems to make sure the skill has been learned.  The post quiz is to see if the skill has been mastered. Students have to receive a 90% or better to pass the lesson. Teacher help is availble dudring the guided learning, problem solving, and practice sections.    However, the important thing to remember is that the Live Teacher is only available duirng the “Guided Learning” section after they have exhausted their hints.  If they click through the hints quickly without trying the problem agian, the live teacher will not be available.  It is used as a last resort if the student cannot grasp the concept with the two to three embeded hints per problem.

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Here is a link with a little video summary about it… https://imaginelearning.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005480994-Live-Teacher-Experience