KCS Juried Art Competition

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Congratulations to the following students who competed in the KCS Juried Art Competition and their teacher, Debi Sticklen.

Sixth grade: Anna B., Reese H., Olivia S., and Blair B.

Seventh grade: Savannah W., Samir J., Willow L., Nilo S., Audrey S., Yasmin A. and Naua K.

Eighth grade: Miles K., Rohen J., Heidi M., Emma M., Ava D., Leanna K., Jason P., Patrick W., and Mustafa D.

Winning 3rd place Group Project: Nilo S., Faith R., Ashlee W., Braxton F., Willow L., Erae K., Layla H., Savannah W., Austin M., Luke W., and Audrey S.

Winning 1st Place in Graphic Design: Rohen J.

Winning 2nd Place in Value Drawing: Rohen J.

Winning 2nd Place in Oil Pastels: Jason P.

Winning 1st Place in Chalk Pastels: Ava D.

Winning 2nd Place in Watercolor Painting: Ava D.

Winning 3rd Place in Watercolor Painting: Samir J.

Winning 3rd Place in Sculpture: Miles K.

Winning 3rd Place in Opaque Painting: Samir J.

Capturing the top 3 spots in Colored Drawing

3rd: Leanna K.

2nd: Ava D.

1st: Rohen J